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Annie Besant Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Boyfriend, Career, Family, Net worth, Parents, Photos

Annie Besant Biography

Annie Besant Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Photos: – Today, millions of people are looking for Her. This article includes information on Annie Besant Biography, wiki, profile, biodata, height, age, family, boyfriend, and husband. Annie Besant was a political reformer, activist for women’s rights, theosophist, and Indian nationalist. She was a significant female personality in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, actively fighting for many causes such as secularism, birth control, Fabian socialism, women’s rights, and workers’ rights.

Annie Besant Biography

Annie Besant was born on October 1, 1847, in Clapham, London, to Irish parents. After her father died young in 1852, the family was raised in relative poverty, and Annie was cared for by a family acquaintance, Ellen Marryat. This allowed Annie to get a decent education and travel over Europe. From 1907 through 1932, she served as President of the Theosophical Society. She was a women’s rights activist, author, and orator. She was President of the Indian National Congress for two years (1917-1918). Annie Besant is widely regarded in India as having made enormous contributions to its political, educational, and social growth, as well as to its rediscovery of a feeling of pride and self-confidence following the experience of being subjugated by a colonial force. Her translation of the Bhagavad-Gita (1895) introduced Hindu scripture to millions, and the Central Hindu College she created served as the basis for the Banaras Hindu University. Her curriculum for the school was a significant contribution to the study of Hinduism.

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Annie Besant Biography

Who is Annie Besant??

Annie Wood Besant was born on October 1, 1847, and died on September 20, 1933. She was born in Clapham, London, and died in Adyar, India. She battled for issues she believed in, beginning with freedom of thought, women’s rights, secularism (she co-founded the National Secular Society with Charles Bradlaugh), birth control, Fabian socialism, and workers’ rights.

Annie began to doubt not just her long-held religious convictions, but also the entirety of conventional thinking once she was free of Frank Besant and exposed to new currents of thought. She began to write criticisms of churches and how they manipulated people’s lives. She was particularly critical of the Church of England’s status as a state-sponsored faith. She soon earned a tiny weekly salary by writing a piece for the National Reformer, the National Secular Society’s journal. The Society stood for a secular state, an end to Christianity’s unique position. She was permitted to serve as one of the Society’s public speakers. In Victorian times, public lectures were a popular kind of entertainment. Annie was a fantastic public speaker who was in high demand. She crisscrossed the country on the train, lecturing on all of the major topics of the day and constantly seeking progress, reform, and independence.

Annie Besant BIography

Annie Besant Biography, Career

Career: – Annie Wood was born into a middle-class Irish family. She was always pleased to be Irish and advocated for Irish independence throughout her entire life. Her father died when she was five years old, leaving the family nearly bankrupt. Her mother supported the family by maintaining a boys’ boarding home in Harrow. At the age of 19, she married 26-year-old priest Frank Besant, Walter Besant’s younger brother. He was an evangelical Anglican priest who shared many of her worries. Frank was soon appointed vicar of Sibsey in Lincolnshire. Annie and her husband relocated to Sibsey, where they had two children, Digby and Mabel, within a few years. The marriage, on the other hand, was a disaster. The first disagreement was about money and Annie’s independence. Annie authored short tales, children’s books, and articles. Frank was allowed to seize all of her earnings since married women did not have the legal right to possess property. Politics severely strained the couple’s relationship. She abandoned him and returned to London. Annie brought her daughter with her after they were formally divorced. Her immediate political power began to diminish. She did not get along with Gandhi, whose new style of passive resistance she criticized, and she was despised in 1919 when she misjudged her response to the slaughter of people by British forces in Amritsar, Punjab. However, her organizational legacy and professionalization of the Indian National Congress’s campaigning effectiveness left a robust organization to give to the next generation of Indian Nationalists. She was a pivotal character in the history of the British in India, and she did much to give Indians the courage and capacity to struggle for more rights for their nation.

Annie Besant Biography

Annie Besant Biography, Wiki

Her full name is Annie Besant and her nickname is Annie. She was a socialist; Theosophist; educator, reformer, and politician; her date of birth is October 1st, 1847, in London. Annie Besant’s died at the age of 85 Years.

From this table, you can check Annie Besant Biography, Wiki

Full Name Annie Besant
Nick Name Annie
Profession Reformer, and Politician
Date of birth October 1st, 1847
Age (Died) 85 in (1933)
Birth Place Clapham, London, England
Category Biography

Annie Besant’s Physical Status

Her height is unknown and her weight is also unknown. Annie Besant’s eye color is black and her hair color is also black.

From this table, you can check Annie Besant’s Physical Status.

Height (Approx) N/A
Weight (Approx) N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Annie Besant Personal Information

Annie’s caste is unknown, and her nationality is British. Annie’s ethnicity is unknown and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

From this table, you can check Annie Besant Biography – Personal Information.

Caste Unknown
Nationality British
Ethnicity unknown
Zodiac sign Pisces

Annie Besant Educational Information

They complete her schooling, her school name is Harrow school and her college name is Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution Annie Education or Qualification is Graduate.

From this table, you can check Annie Besant’s Educational Information.

School Name Harrow school
College Name Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution
Qualifications Graduate

Annie Besant’s Net Worth

Annie’s net worth is not updated on social media.

From this table, you can check Annie Besant Biography – Net Worth.

Source Of Income Reformer, and Politician
Appeared In Politics
Net Worth unknown

Annie Besant Social Media

From this table, you can check Annie’s Social Media Links.

Instagram Click Here
Facebook Click Here
Twitter Click Here

Annie Besant’s Boyfriend, Husband

Annie’s marital status is Divorced.

From this table, you can check Annie Besant’s Boyfriend, Husband’s details.

Marital Status Divorced
Boyfriend Not known
Husband Frank Besant

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