February 8, 2023

The Best NBA Shooting Guards Of The 60s to 70s

Best NBA Shootings Guards

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has had some incredible shooting stars throughout its history, just like every year. Best NBA Shooting Guards in 70 are mentioned in this blog. Numerous legends were officially recognized as shooting guards in the 1970s. They are all members of various teams.

The athletes on the list below are all deserving individuals who rose to fame throughout the 1970s via perseverance. We’ll discuss some of the finest performances from the 1970s here. Even though there were several players, only the finest ones are highlighted here.

Best NBA Shooting Guards

The challenge is time-based, and the contestant must photograph from four separate positions while keeping the four shots consecutive. The first shot is a right-angle bank shot, the second is a jump shot from the top, the third is a left-angle three-point shot, and the fourth is a half-court shot. Each attempt has a two-minute waiting period. In this manner, eliminating all efforts results in victory.

The top ones here were among the several shooting stars of the 1970s. They include Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bob Dandridge, Dave Cowens, Wes Unseld, John Havlicek, Elvin Hayes, Bob McAdoo, Walt Frazier, and Bob Lanier.

1 Kareeb Abdul Jabbar

The list would sound incomplete without the name of Renowned, Kareem Abdul Jabbar who was the best player in 1970.  In his decade, he was an all-star nine times. He received the Rookie of the Year and Final MVP awards in addition to being chosen for several other defensive teams. In the 1980s, he won five NBA titles. He was unquestionably the team’s leading scorer, making him a 1970s legend.

Kareeb Abdul Jabbar

Other than the players named, there have been several shooting guards in NBA history. The 1970s were all the rage, but the present decade has produced a number of rising stars that make us proud of our own nations.

2 Bob Lanier

Bob Lanier, a well-known shooting guard who averages 20 points per game and nearly 10 rebounds, is back. In his career, he has blocked 1100 shots. Although he was a skilled blocker, he was never able to win a championship ring. He received seven all-star game selections. In 1974, he also took home the last MVP trophy.

Bob Lanier

3 Walt Frazier 

Walt Frazier served as the New York Knicks’ coach. He was the purest guard of the 1970s and an all-around player in NBA history. He was skilled at shooting, passing, and stealing. He made the first team of the all-defensive team six times and was an all-star seven times. He led the New York Knicks to titles in 1970 and 1973.

Walt Frazier 

4 Bob McAdoo

McAdoo did not appear on the NBA roster until 1973, but in 1975 the guy rose to prominence as a shooting guard for his squad. He was the one who averaged about 30 points each contest, making him the top player at the time. He received the Rookie of the Year award in 1975. In his career, he was chosen as an all-star five times. The top 10 players for rebounds per game included him.

Bob McAdoo

5 Elvin Hayes 

Elvin Hayes was regarded as his team’s top shooting guard in 1970. He took home the NBA title in 1978. He usually toyed with the bullets. He bounced back twice throughout his whole career, placing him in the top 25 of that time. He was chosen for the NBA All-Star games.

Best NBA Shootings Guards

6 John Havlicek 

Another big guy from the Boston Celtics, John Havlicek, helped his club capture eight NBA championships in 1970. John received the Final MVP award for his efforts in 1974. He was also regarded as a dangerous talent since he regularly scored between 23 and 26 points while challenging the opposition.

7  Wes Unseld

Big guy Wes Unseld never finished a game with more than 16 points in his career. However, he is a skilled rebounder and won the NBA title with Washington in 1978. For it, he received the ultimate MVP honor. In the 1970s, he was named an all-star four times.

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8 Dave Cowens 

Dave Cowens, sometimes known as Huge Redman, was a big guy, at 6’9″. He was a Boston Celtics player. In 1974 and 1976, he received championship rings. He was his team’s best player as a result. Cowens had his greatest season in 1970 when he was named on manual defense teams and was a seven-time all-star.

9 Bob Dandrige

Bob Dandridge contributes well to his squad as well. In 1970, he started playing a crucial role for his team. He was one of the big four along with other players. He was employed by the Washington Bullets as a free agent. He was chosen for various teams in the 1970s and was a four-time all-star.

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10 Chet Walker

Chet Walker was a better player for his team. In the 1970s, he participated for nearly six seasons. These games were all performed for the Chicago Bulls. In 1972, when he covered approximately 51% of his field, he played his best shot. He was an All-Star four times throughout his career. In 1975, he retired at the age of 34.