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Brahmagupta Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Photos, Career, Net worth, Parents, Education

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Brahmagupta Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Photos, Career, Net worth, Parents: – Today, millions of people are looking for Him. This article includes information on Brahmagupta’s Biography, wiki, profile, biodata, height, age, family, Girlfriend, and wife. Brahmagupta is unique. He is the only scientist we have to thank for discovering the properties of precisely zero. Brahmagupta was the most prominent Indian mathematician of his day. He created advancements in astronomy and, most importantly, number systems, such as methods for square roots and quadratic equation solutions.

Brahmagupta Biography

Brahmagupta was a 597 AD – 668 AD Ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician. He was born in the Northwest Indian city of Bhinmal. Jisnugupta, his father’s name, was an astrologer.

Although Brahmagupta saw himself as an astronomer who dabbled in mathematics, he is today most known for his contributions to mathematics. Many of his significant discoveries were expressed in the form of poetry rather than mathematical calculations! However, truth is truth, no matter how it is written.

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Who is Brahmagupta??

Brahmagupta was the director of Ujjain’s astronomical observatory, a hub of Ancient Indian mathematical astronomy. He published four astronomy and mathematics publications, the most notable of which is Brahma-sphuta-siddhanta (Brahma’s Correct System of Astronomy, or The Opening of the Universe). He stated that tackling mathematical difficulties was something he enjoyed doing.

He is regarded as being the first person in history to define the properties of the number zero. He defined zero as the number you get when you subtract a number from itself. He said that zero divided by any other number is zero. dividing zero by zero produces zero. It was important for the future of mathematics and science to recognize zero as a number whose qualities needed to be defined. He defined zero as the result of subtracting a number from itself. He was the first to find the formula for solving quadratic problems. He also stated that the Earth is closer to the moon than it is to the sun.

bhramgupta biography

Brahmagupta Biography, Career

Career: – During this time, he became an astronomer at the Brahmapaksha school, one of the four major schools of Indian astronomy. He studied the five classic Indian astronomy Siddhantas as well as the work of other astronomers such as Aryabhata I, Latadeva, Pradyumna, Varahamihira, Simha, Srisena, Vijayanandin, and Vishnuchandra.

He wrote the Brhmasphuasiddhnta in 628, at the age of 30, which is thought to be a corrected version of the accepted Siddhanta of the Brahmapaksha school of astronomy. Scholars believe he infused his version with a tremendous degree of creativity, including a significant quantity of fresh content. The book is divided into 24 chapters and has 1008 verses in Arya meter.

It covers significant chapters on mathematics, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and algorithmics, which are said to contain fresh ideas attributed to Brahmagupta himself.

Brahmagupta later relocated to Ujjaini, Avanti, a significant astronomical center in central India. At the age of 67, he wrote Khanda-khdyaka, a practical manual of Indian astronomy in the Karana category designed for use by students.

Brahmagupta Biography, Wiki

His full name is Brahmagupta and his nickname is Brahma. He is a well-known mathematician and astronomer; his date of birth is 598 AD, in Bhinmal (Rajasthan). Brahmagupta died in 670 AD at the age of 72 years old.

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta Biography, Wiki

Full Name Brahmagupta
Nick Name Brahma
Profession mathematician and astronomer
Date of birth 598 AD
Age (died)  670 AD (72 years old)
Birth Place Bhinmal ( Rajasthan)
Category Biography

Brahmagupta’s Physical Status

His height is Unknown and his weight is also Unknown. Brahmagupta’s eye color is black and his hair color is also black.

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta’s Physical Status.

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Brahmagupta Personal Information

Brahmagupta’s caste is unknown, and his nationality is Indian. Brahmagupta’s ethnicity is not known, and his zodiac sign is not updated.

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta Biography – Personal Information.

Caste Unknown
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Not Known
Zodiac sign Not updated

Brahmagupta Educational Information

They complete his schooling, his school name is Lawrence High School, and his college name is Harvard University. Brahmagupta Education or Qualification is graduated.

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta Biography – Educational Information.

School Name center of learning for mathematics and astronomy
College Name Not updated
Qualifications Indian mathematician and astronomer

Brahmagupta’s  Biography, Net Worth

Robert’s net worth is not updated

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta Biography – Net Worth.

Source Of Income Indian mathematician and astronomer
Appeared In Books
Net Worth Not updated

Brahmagupta Social Media

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta’s Social Media Links.

Instagram Click Here
Facebook Click Here
Twitter Click Here

Brahmagupta’s Girlfriend, Wife

Brahmagupta’s marital status is updated soon. His Wife’s name is unknown.

From this table, you can check Brahmagupta’s Girlfriend and wife’s details.

Marital Status Not updated
Girlfriend Not Available
Wife Unknown

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