February 8, 2023

Who is Danielle Smith? Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Net worth

Danielle Smith Wiki

Who is Danielle Smith?

She is the 19th premier of Alberta and the leader of the United Conservative Party and is also known as one of the most richest Canadian politicians. Along with being a famous politician in the eyes of the Canadian people, she is also a journalist as well as a broadcaster.

Basic Details

Full Name – Marlaina Danielle Smith

Birth Date – 1st April 1971

Birth Place – Calgary

Age – 51 (as of 2022)

Zodiac Sign – Aries

Net Worth – 1 million dollars to 5 million dollars

Grandfather – Philipus Kolodnicki

Spouse’s Name – David Moretta

Residence – Canada

Occupation – Politician (Canada) & Journalists

Current Position – 19th Premier of Alberta

Article Category – Biography

Danielle Smith Wiki


Physical Stats

Height – 5’7” inches

Weight – 58 kilograms

Hair colour – Brown

Eye colour – Brown

Danielle Smith Wiki

Danielle Smith was number second among her five siblings, her grandfather was Philipus Kolodnicki a Ukranian immigrant who was renamed Philip Smith back in the year 1915 in English when he entered Canada. At that time Danielle Smith’s family used to live in subsidized housing. Many people claim that she has massive ancestry, yet Danielle has never shown any evidence in public of such claims.

Danielle Smith was earlier married to Sean McKinsley, though after the divorce she married David Moretta in 2006 who is a former executive producer of Sun Media, and she is a proud stepmother to David’s son Jonathan. Danielle and her husband own a 1940s rail car which they renovated into a dining car, they both operate this dining rail car and live in High River with two of their dogs named Caine & Colt.


She studied Bachelor of Arts in English & Economics at Calgary University, during this time of her education she uses to work with federal and provisional Progressive Conservatives where she also won the presidency of the campus Progressive Conservatives Club.

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Career and timeline

At the very beginning of her career, Danielle Smith ran one of the board of school trustees around the year 1998 and she also won, but within a span of not more than one year a chairwoman complained that the board is dysfunctional. In response to the complaint, the provincial Minister of Learning dismissed the entire board.

Later, she joined the Calgary Herald as a columnist with the editorial board. Gradually she succeeded and went on to host a program called Global Sunday which talked or discussed national current affairs on Sunday afternoons through interviews on global television.

Alongside this Danielle Smith use to host two talk radio shows specifically focused on health policy and property rights. In 2004, she was named one of Calgary’s “Top 40 Under 40” for her practices which she was performing for the betterment of society, Canadian Federation of Independent Business hired Danielle Smith in 2006 as provincial director for Alberta and she also co-hosted Calgary Congress which is a national assembly of citizens and economic and constitutional specialists to consider basic federal reforms for Canada.


It was the year 2009 when Danielle Smith entered politics once again with a much more tolerant attitude by becoming the leader of the Wildrose Party, in 2012 she won a seat in the legislative assembly and served as leader of the opposition until 2014 and after this, she resigned from there so she can join the progressive conservatives.

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The reason for Danielle Smith joining back the progressive conservatives party with several other MLAs of the Wildrose party was a few of the conflicts which were going on related to decision-making and other things, though she got defeated in her bid for nomination of Progressive Conservatives in 2015 and the reason was clear that people were not happy about her floor crossing even she apologized to Albertans in a Facebook post about the early decision she took of the floor crossing.

During the period of these events, Danielle Smith went on air on CHQR in Calgary for hosting a talk radio program, around January 2021 she announced that she will no longer continue with the talk show and will also be leaving Twitter due to trolling. In February 2021, right away she joined a private discussion group on local for the right-wing policy, and around July 2021 she also wrote an article supporting Jason Kenny’s referendum on equalization.

In May 2022, Danielle Smith announced that she will be launching a campaign for leadership of the United Conservative Party of Alberta. On October 6th, 2022, she won the leadership with 53.77% of votes, and on October 11th, 2022 she was sworn in as the 19th Premier of Alberta.

Social Media Connect

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DanielleSmithAB/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/abdaniellesmith/?hl=en

Twitter – https://twitter.com/abdaniellesmith

Website – https://daniellesmith.ca/