January 31, 2023

Fake IPL Cricket League | Molipur fake IPL masterminds ran similar Uttar Pradesh league

Fake IPL Cricket League

Fake IPL Cricket League – AHMEDABAD: The Molipur phoney IPL might be the tip of the iceberg in what appears to be a large nationwide fraud. The daring ‘think global, act local’ deception may have also fooled punters from other nations. Following the takedown of Molipur’s ‘IPL’ fraud targeting Russian bettors by a squad of Gujarat cops, Uttar Pradesh cops discovered another fake cricket league scam in Meerut on Tuesday. The masterminds – Asif Mohammed and his sidekick Ashok Chaudhary — are the same, according to the study. Senior personnel from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh police corroborated this.

According to Deepak Bhuker, SP of Hapur (UP), “The accused had been operating the Punjab Big Bash League matches at Sudha cricket grounds in Meerut for four days. We learned that the phoney cricket league matches were being staged in order to solicit wagers from Russian punters. We searched the location and detained Shitab Zahid, a Meerut resident, and Rishabh Dhanesh, a Gwalior resident.” According to Bhuker, the two guys work for Mohammed and Chaudhary, who are stationed in Moscow. Dhanesh used to get paid between Rs 40,000 and Rs 50,000 every match. The accused chose local players and presented them as Ranji players.

Fake IPL Cricket League

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They had also set up a viewing box and were live broadcasting the bouts on YouTube. The bets were accepted over a Telegram communication channel. The officers claimed that the method used was the same as in Molipur. Before organizing the tournament at Sudha cricket fields, the accused rented a field at a school in Meerut and held matches there for almost five months, according to Bhuker. He said that the accused may have deceived bettors from other nations as well.

When asked if the cricket league fraud had spread to other states, Deepak Bhuker, SP, Hapur (UP), replied, “It now appears plausible that the accused have contacts in other states as well.” Achal Tyagi, the SP of Mehsana, verified this “Similar identities, such as Shoaib Davda, were also discovered in the conversations following the arrests in Meerut by the sleuths. Furthermore, hawala transactions from Delhi to Mehsana are being investigated “Tyagi stated. On Friday, a Mehsana police Special Operations Group (SOG) stormed a farm near Molipur where the phoney IPL was being hosted and detained four people.

The ring of conmen who staged “IPL” matches on a farm in a Gujarat hamlet received bets from Russian bettors in Tver, Voronezh, and Moscow. For about a fortnight, the cricket matches were streamed live on a YouTube channel called “IPL.” “Chief organiser” Shoeb Davda, who had returned to Molipur after spending eight months working at a Russian tavern noted for collecting bets, assisted in the con’s execution. He gathered 21 agricultural labourers and promised them Rs 400 each match.

Fake IPL Cricket League

They also conducted umpiring in front of five HD cameras, displaying a few walkie-talkies. The ambiance was created using crowd noise sound effects acquired from the internet. The big swindle was made even more daring by the fact that the bogus matches began three weeks after the actual IPL ended.

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