January 27, 2023

Top 5 Smallest Cricket Stadium by Boundary

Cricket Stadium by Boundary

Which is the Smallest Cricket Stadium by Boundary?

The smallest ground in terms of size is Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand. The straight boundary, which is only 55 metres long, is the portion of the ground that is the shortest.

Due to its convenient location, a significant number of limited overs games are played at Eden Park.

Eden Park, Auckland

We now understand that the smallest venue in terms of border length is Eden Park in Auckland. In general, high scoring is a result of short limits, and that has mostly been the case here.

Australia’s impressive 245/5 score in T20 matches on this surface holds the record for the greatest team total. New Zealand established the previous benchmark in the first innings of the same game, scoring 243/6.

Eden Park, Auckland

Eden Park at Dusk, taken on February 9, 2013, during England and New Zealand’s 20/20 cricket match

The Wanderers, Johannesburg

Next up is the Wanderers stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. Despite being magnificent, the area is somewhat tiny.

One of the square limits is just 64 metres at its shortest point. When South Africa and Australia both reached 400 in an ODI in 2006, it happened at The Wanderers.

Lord’s, London

Given that Lord’s is the birthplace of cricket, it seems odd to consider that it is a modest venue by contemporary standards.

We probably shouldn’t be shocked to find that the shortest square border measures 65 metres as it has been around for millennia. The cricket that was played in the 1800s and the early 1900s was better suited to that size.

Lord’s, London

Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Another area that seems enormous on television is the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

In actuality, this is another little area, with the 65-meter-long square perimeter being the shortest one. The fact that seating takes up the majority of the stadium is one factor in the tiny playing space.

With a 66,000 capacity, Eden Gardens is one of the largest cricket venues.

Holkar Stadium, Indore

When it comes to promoting its international matches, India is one of the most active nations. Since 2006, when India met England in an ODI, the national team has played at the Holkar Stadium in Indore.

T20 games and test matches have since been held here. At 68 metres, the straight boundary is one of the shortest in cricket.

Top 5 Smallest Cricket Stadium by Capacity

Which is the Smallest International Cricket Stadium by Capacity?

The Grange Club in Edinburgh has the smallest capacity of any international stadium. The great majority of Scotland’s matches against other nations have been played here.

The official confirmed seating capacity of this venue as of 2022 is 5,500.

The Grange Club, Edinburgh

The Grange Club in Edinburgh, as we’ve seen, has the smallest capacity of any cricket venue.

Scotland is a developing country that has begun to put up some outstanding performances. They may need to think about expanding that stadium or even even moving to a different place if their cricket keeps improving.

As of right now, this is the most popular venue in the nation, and it has been since Scotland played Bangladesh in the inaugural ODI at the Grange Club in 1999.

Stormont Cricket Ground, Belfast

Ireland now has one of the smallest stadiums in cricket’s history despite having test status already. The national team frequently uses the Stormont Cricket Ground, which is located north of the border, even though many of their games are held in Dublin.

There are now 6,000 people who can fit in this Belfast building. The first international game played at Stormont was an ODI between Ireland and England in 2006. A test match has yet to be played there.

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Maple Leaf Cricket Club, Ontario

Since 1979, Canada has participated in cricket world cups, however they are still a developing country. The Maple Leaf Cricket Club in Ontario, which has seating for up to 7,000 people, is one of their most intimate venues.

The facility was the second in Canada to hold international cricket matches after it was opened in 1954. Its inaugural match was an ODI against Bermuda in 2008.

Traeger Park, Alice Springs

Compared to a few years ago, the international cricket schedule is significantly busy. Established cricket nations have been forced to consider using new stadiums as a result.

In Australia, this meant making use of Traeger Park’s amenities in Alice Springs. Since 2015, this location has hosted First Class games and Big Bash competitions. This stadium can currently accommodate 7,200 people.

Cricket Stadium by Boundary

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Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo

Cricket in Zimbabwe has seen its ups and downs, but it still enjoys a devoted following there. Despite having a small capacity of about 9,000, international matches are frequently held at the Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo.

In October 1994, when Zimbabwe’s national team played the visiting Sri Lankans here, Queens Sports Club became the country’s third test site.