February 3, 2023

Who is Ummi Rahab ? Ummi Rahab Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents Read More information

Ummi Rahab

Ummi Rahab Biography:-  Ummi Rahab was born in Kaduna State in 2004 to her charming local parents. In the state, Ummi finished both her basic and secondary school. Ummi Rahab began acting when she was just a little child. She first gained attention when she appeared in the film “Kin Zamo Takwara” starring Adam A. Zango and Jamila Nagudu. With her great acting abilities and capabilities, Ummi has captured the hearts of many Kannywood lovers.

She is one of the most attractive young actors in the business. The stunning lady from Kannada cinema has now successfully entered the field. Adam A. Zango, a well-known performer in the field, raised her. Ummi Rahab has gained notoriety after breaking into the Kannywood industry. Without a doubt, the young actor is establishing herself in Kannywood.

Who is Ummi Rahab

A well-known actress from Nigeria’s Kannywood film industry, Ummi Rahab is currently on the rise. She is a talented actress who has established a name for herself in the film business. One of the young actors from Kannywood who is highly recognized in the country’s northern regions is Ummi Rahab. The actress is also well-known for her role in the hit film “Ummi Takwara,” which helped launch her career.

Ummi Rahab Parents

Although Ummi Rahab has yet to disclose her father or mother, we will work to get her whole biography, which will include their names, as soon as we can. You have the chance to win Ummi Rahab’s heart since she is available. You may get in touch with her by calling her at the number shown below or by messaging her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Ummi Rahab Wiki

Ummi Rahab was born on April 7th, 2004, and was reared in Kaduna, where she was born, with her loving parents. She completed both her basic and secondary education in Kaduna, her home state. Her acting career began when she was a little girl. After appearing in the film “Ummi Takwara,” she gained notoriety. Ummi Rahab appeared in this film alongside Jamila Nagudu, another seasoned actress who raised her, and renowned actor Adam A. Zango.

Ummi Rahab Career

Ummi, a rising star in Kannada cinema, began her acting career at the young age of 12. Ummi gained a reputation as a result of her outstanding performance and theatre presentation. Alongside other well-known actors and actresses, she has appeared in several Kannywood films. We shall see a lot of Ummi in the Kannywood sector based on the rate at which she is developing. Currently, Ummi Saleh is a leading lady in the television programme Farin Wata. At age 12, she made her debut in the movie “Takwara Ummi.”

Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab is a rising star in the Kannywood Industry. She was well-known for having exceptional acting skills when she was in high school. She began her cinematic career at an early age as a result of this. Ummi Rahab’s career as an actor gained attention when she appeared in the movie “Kin Zamo Takwara Ummi.” She was just 10 at the time. She portrayed the son of Adam A. Zango in the film. As rumours of Adam Zango and Ummi Rabab’s relationship spread, so did their intensity.

Ummi Rahab Age

The actor, though, publicly refuted the accusations. Additionally, Adam A. Zango has previously been charged with dating one of his female cast members or actresses. The way in which he wed and divorced Maryam AB Yola is another example of this. She and Ummi Rahab shared the same age. Find more information on this article about Ummi Rahab Biography

Ummi Rahab Biography, Wiki

From this table, you can check Ummi Rahab Biography, Wiki

Full Name Ummi Rahab
Nick Name Ummi
Profession Social Media Personality & Actress
Date of birth April 7th, 2004
Age 18 years old
Birth Place Kaduna, Kenya
Category Biography

Ummi Rahab’s Physical Status

From this table, you can check Ummi Rahab’s Physical Status.

Height (Approx) 5’7″
Weight (Approx) 59 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Ummi Rahab Personal Information

Ummi Rahab Biography

From this table, you can check Ummi Rahab Biography – Personal Information.

Caste Muslim
Nationality Kenya
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac sign Leo

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Ummi Rahab Educational Information

From this table, you can check Ummi Rahab’s Educational Information.

School Name Private
College Name Local University
Qualifications N/A

Ummi Rahab’s Net Worth

From this table, you can check Ummi Rahab Biography – Net Worth.

Source Of Income Not Mentioned
Appeared In Not Available
Net Worth

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Ummi Rahab Social Media

From this table, you can check Ummi’s Social Media Links.

Instagram Click Here
Facebook Click Here
Twitter Click Here
YouTube Link Click Here

Ummi Rahab’s Boyfriend, Husband

Ummi Rahab Wiki

From this table, you can check Ummi Rahab’s Boyfriend, Husband’s details.

Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Not Available
Husband Unknown

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