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Virginia Woolf Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband,Career, Family, Net worth, Parents

virginia woolf biography

Virginia Woolf Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Photos: – Today, millions of people are looking for Her. This article includes information on Virginia Woolf Biography, wiki, profile, biodata, height, age, family, boyfriend, and husband. Virginia Woolf is regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most inventive writers. She was a prolific writer of essays, diaries, letters, and biographies, and is perhaps best known as the author of Mrs. Dalloway (1925) and To the Lighthouse (1927).

Woolf’s writing portrays the fast-changing society in which she was working, from changes in gender roles, sexuality, and class to innovations such as vehicles, aircraft, and film, in both style and subject matter.

Virginia Woolf Biography

Virginia Woolf, a British novelist, was born in 1882 CE and died in 1941 CE. From the years immediately preceding World War I until her death in 1941, she was a prominent member of the avant-garde, intellectual Bloomsbury Circle in northern London. Woolf is most known for her novels, which are considered the peak of the British modernist “stream-of-consciousness” style, which is distinguished by the description of characters’ inner thoughts, a focus on daily activity, and the persistent instability or unreliability of narrative.

Woolf was also well-known in her own time for her works championing liberal politics, notably the budding feminist movement. Her desire to establish a fresh narration style resulted in a unique blend of poetry and prose, which added to the intrigue of her works.

Her first book, ‘The Voyage Out,’ was published by her half-brother Duckworth’s firm on March 26, 1915. It was written while she was psychologically fragile and depressed. In 1998, the ‘Modern Library’ named her novel ‘To the Lighthouse 15th on its list of the “100 finest English language novels of the twentieth century.” The magazine ‘TIME’ named it one of the finest English-language novels produced between 1923 and 2005.

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virginia woolf biography

Who is Virginia Woolf??

Virginia Woolf was a British novelist who is regarded as a pivotal role in twentieth-century Modernism and Feminism. Woolf is regarded as one of the most psychological of all Modernists; many of her later novels take place entirely within her characters’ heads, focusing exclusively on the literary technique known as stream-of-consciousness, which does not present an objective narration but attempts to replicate the thoughts that shape the character’s mind.

Woolf was an English literature innovator who employed experimental language. Her works are unique because they delve deeply into a character’s psychology, showing how her character thinks. She had critical and financial success with her books and articles. She self-published the majority of her works through her co-founded ‘Hogarth Press.’ She suffered from mental problems her entire life and committed suicide in 1941, at the age of 59.

Her posthumous reputation suffered during the ‘Second World War,’ but it was restored with the rise of feminist critique in the 1970s. Woolf’s novels are considered very experimental.

virginia woolf biography

Virginia Woolf Biography, Career

Career: – In 1882, she was born in London. Sir Leslie Stephen, her father, was a well-known historian, author, and editor of the Dictionary of National Biography. Julia Stephen, her mother, was equally well-connected in artistic circles and served as a model for Pre-Raphaelite artists and photographers. Virginia was raised in Kensington by her parents, along with her stepbrothers and stepsisters. She was a sensitive youngster, unsuited to the rock and tumble of regular schools.

She grew raised in a literary household, devouring books from her father’s collection. She was particularly fond of the Elizabethan era and began reading Hakluyt’s Voyages at a young age. She met several of the finest intellectuals of the day, including Thomas Hardy, John Ruskin, and Edmund Gosse, while living in such a literary atmosphere. When Virginia was 13, her mother’s death had a severe impact on her, and she had a mental breakdown.

This nervous breakdown marked the beginning of a lifetime of mood swings – manic depression – and she sought treatment for her mental instability on a regular basis but was unable to find a solution. In 1912, Virginia Stephen married novelist Leonard Woolf. They had a strong relationship and had a lovely marriage till her death in 1941. They also worked together professionally. She was bisexual and had a strong desire to explore her sexuality. She had a sexual connection with Vita Sackville, a writer, and gardener, in 1922.

virginia woolf biography

Virginia Woolf Biography, Wiki

Her full name is Virginia Woolf and her nickname is Virginia. She was a Writer; her date of birth is 1882, Kensington, London. Virginia Woolf’s died in 1882.

From this table, you can check Virginia Woolf Biography, Wiki

Full Name Virginia Woolf
Nick Name Virginia
Profession Writer
Date of birth January 25, 1882
Age (Died) March 28, 1941 CE
Birth Place Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Category Biography

Virginia Woolf’s Physical Status

Her height is unknown and her weight is also unknown. Virginia Woolf’s eye color is black and her hair color is also black.

From this table, you can check Virginia Woolf’s Physical Status.

Height (Approx.) N/A
Weight (Approx.) N/A
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Virginia Woolf Personal Information

Virginia’s caste is unknown, and her nationality is British. Virginia’s ethnicity is unknown and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

From this table, you can check Virginia Woolf Biography – Personal Information.

Caste Unknown
Nationality British
Ethnicity unknown
Zodiac sign Pisces

Virginia Woolf Educational Information

They complete her schooling, her school name is Not known and her college name is King’s college, London Education or Qualification is Graduate.

From this table, you can check Virginia Woolf’s Educational Information.

School Name Not known
College Name Kings College, London
Qualifications Graduate

Virginia Woolf’s Net Worth

Annie’s net worth is not updated on social media.

From this table, you can check Virginia Woolf Biography – Net Worth.

Source Of Income Writer
Appeared In Books
Net Worth unknown

Virginia woolf Social Media

From this table, you can check Annie’s Social Media Links.

Instagram Click Here
Facebook Click Here
Twitter Click Here

Virginia Woolf’s Boyfriend, Husband

Annie’s marital status is Happily Married.

From this table, you can check Virginia Woolf’s Boyfriend, Husband’s details.

Marital Status Married
Boyfriend Not known
Husband Leonard Woolf

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